Thoughts on ’08 UD Timeline


Last year, Upper Deck came out with a couple of products that didn’t go down to well with collectors(documentary, upper deck x, but you all know that.) But, those two products, by all means, did not ruin the baseball year for upper deck, they had many more successful products than than the failures that were documentary and x.  They had masterpieces, goudey, baseball heroes, and they also had the products for the high end gamblers (ballpark, spx, premier, and I guess even legendary cuts could fit under this category, too)

Wait, your wondering where Timeline falls, right?….that is the title and all, why haven’t I mentioned it? Well here it comes, my favortie 2008 upper deck product is timeline, by alot. It’s cheap, (only 29.95 for a hobby box at dave and adams) really fun to break, the set is slightly smaller than series 1 of last year’s flagship, but has the short prints for set collectors (a big reason why I like it), and you get two autos a box, yeah, I know, some aren’t the greatest but there are names you could pull such as Josh Hamilton, Travis Hafner, and even the hottest prospect in baseball, Stephen Strasburg.  I am currently trying to finish this set, ive got the base set(1-50) done, that is the only subset i have finished, but I’m nearing closer and closer to some of them. It is a very fun set to collect, but also difficult, I have trouble gathering up all the different sp’s, mainly why I don’t try completing topp’s heritage sets, but that is another whole post in itself.


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