Are baseball cards being overproduced…Again?

While thinking about all the products in 2008 and the upcoming product releases in 2009, a question came to my mind, are baseball cards being overproduced? When you look at all the products in 2008, you see of course Upper Deck,Topps,Bowman,TRISTAR, and so on. What’s overwelming though, is to see around 20 different products from Upper Deck, and 16 different from Topps. 20 different products! Do we really need that many different products from one company?

It seems like Upper Deck and Topps may need to cut back a bit.  We have already noticed this by the rumors of UD closing their Carlsbad facilities in the future. Why not get rid of UD Doccumentary or UD X(well most collectors don’t like UD X, but I don’t think it’s terrible). Why not Stadium Club or Co-Signers.Really, if collecters dont like the product, (sales have got to show) why do they continue to  spend money making the product?  Plus, in this economy some collectors are being forced to limit or even give up the hobby to pay the bills.  It’s almost a waste to make the products that are there just to be there, even when the designs aren’t the best from year to year. Here’s the deal. Continue to make the products that collectors like, and get rid of the ones they dont, or maybe limit the production like what they did with Murad. They cant possibly suffer any major drawbacks from getting rid of a product not many like. Then again, im not an expert.

This is my opinion…whats yours?


2 Responses

  1. Not sure how I feel about this one. I don’t think they’re being overproduced, but there are more sets released each year (by just a few companies) than I can keep track of. In fact, I think cards are becoming artificially scarce. I seem to see lots of 1/1’s or other low serial numbers on a TON of cards. So while there may technically be just one of that card produced, there are actually 50 different “parallels”, or whatever. Can you imagine how rare a card serial numbered to 100 would”ve been 15 years ago?!?! Now I have lots of cards numbered that low and I’m just a budget collector!

    • Ya i know what you mean. 15 years ago pulling a serial mumbered card was like a one out of 100,000 chance. Now more and more companies are making serial numbered cards, and more 1/1’s

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