Super Set Collecting?

While browsing ebay and looking at all the different parralell sets, and autograph issues and different variations, you’ll see single cards, and sometimes some lots, but never completed sets including all the cards.  This would be an interesting version of collecting, super set collecting was the first thing that came to my mind. 

 It could include set collectors (obviously the ones with larger wallets, because this would be a very costly method of collecting) and those people that are buying case after case of certain products trying to find the 1/1’s or the “sick” or “mojo” (as they intend on calling it) patches. 

Really, how cool would it be to have every card in a paralell set, a somewhat simpler example would be collecting the full set of 2009 topps in gold parralells /2009.  Or what would it be like if some one tried to get every inkredible autograph from 2009 upper deck?  This thought almost blows my mind, nothing like this has never really come about. 

What would something like that sell for? Would anyone be willing  to pay the asking price (just out of curiosity, because I would bever sell one of these sets if I would ever accomplish completing one)? Lots of questions arouse when I think of this, but also lots of thoughts that almost make me wanna attempt something like this.  After watching so many 2007 Sweet Spot Tin breaks the first large thing that I would love to see done would be every Sweet Spot Classic Auto, that would be a very, very prestigous set to try to collect and I would think that that person would almost have to devote all of their collecting to just that set.

Thats what I think about this subject, has anyone else ever wondered about this, or even tried doing something like that? If so, please let me know.    


6 Responses

  1. it would be awesome. i can’t even imagine the price tag.

  2. You don’t really see them for sale bc the only people who spend the time and money usually keep the sets. Check out some of the collectors/collections on Freedom Card Board. There are several master set collectors including Sweet Spot, and 2005 Ultimate Signature Edition.

  3. A year ago, I was able to put together a set of 2007 Finest Baseball. It was not quite a Master Set, but it was close and it was what I wanted. I included the following:
    – the base set
    – rookie base auto
    – rookies auto refractor
    – rookie auto blue #299
    – rookie auto green #199
    – Finest momenets auto
    – Finest momenets dual auto.
    See the attached:

    • Wow! thats incredible, yeah there is no way i would ever be able to sell something like that if i put it all together, im sure a WHOLE lot of time, effort, and money had to go into that.

  4. And I don’t think I would ever sell it.

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