Goodwin Champions: Then and Now

2009 Goodwin Champions

2009 Goodwin Champions

Although Upper Deck’s release of 2009 Goodwin Champions isn’t set to come out until September, it is raising a lot of commotion in the minds of card collectors.  Including me.

It looks as if it will be taking the spot of Masterpieces, and I sure hope it does.  I really liked masterpieces, the artwork and the frames and everything just all pulled together to make a really good product.   Ecspecially in 2007 when it made its debut, the cards were great, you got 3 game used and an on card autograph in every box, and I loved the 5×7 box toppers, I don’t know what it was about them, but they were great I’ve got a soft spot for over-sized cards.

Enough about Masterpieces, though.  Goodwin Champions are based off of the 1888 Old Judge & Gypsy Queen Cigarette Co. Goodwin Champion sports card set.  Just like when it was first produced way back then, it is a multi-sport brand.   The cards themselves look very alike, the largest  differences being that the bottom banner graces the words Goodwin Champions, not Old Judge & Gypsy Queen Cigarettes (chances are upper deck would have worked themselves into a problem, promoting cigarettes with their sports cards) and the colors are more vivid.

You can think what you want, but I am greatly anticipating the arrival of the new Goodwin Champions line.

Here is a card from 1888 (you can view the 2009 version at the top of the post),for comparison’s sake.

1888 Goodwin Champions

1888 Goodwin Champions



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