Beckett, Prospecting and Card Photography

I’m sure you have all heard about each of these topics alot lately, but I felt like I had to get my opinion in on it. First off I’ll start with the the Beckett grading scams, with all the commotion around the BGS 10 Montana rookie.  This just screams scam, it is reported that the card was associated with the company, and with there not being a 10 ever graded, it is my guess that they thought up the idea of grading a 10 and selling it at auction, we have all heard the company isn’t doing so well, just check the Boycott Beckett blog, he would be glad to explain it to you.

Then again, not a single piece of that has been confirmed, but it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if it all came out as this being their little way of trying to get the company moving again.  I personally think the whole grading system is a bunch of crap.  I don’t own a single graded card, and it’s definitely not because I can’t afford them.  You hear the stories of people getting back cards graded lower than what they wanted them to be so they would simply break open the slab and send it back in for grading, and many times it would come back a higher grade.  That right there just shows to there expertise in grading.  I’d be fine if all a grading system was set up to do was certify the authenticity of vintage card, not give cards, modern or vintage, a number grade.  

I feel that things like this, things like the whole Montana card, are ruining our hobby.  I really, truly do.  Baseball cards were created to give passionate baseball fans and collectors a fun hobby.  But with things like this, making cards valuable (with things such as the grading system) has lured in people that aren’t collectors at all, just people looking to make some extra cash.

I mean, just look at the guy holding the card, I very highly doubt he is a true collector.

The next thing I’d like to talk about is prospecting, this came to me when reading about  Night Owl’s (sorry I don’t have a link to your site with your name, I’m new to this and haven’t quite figured it out, yet)  six hobby pack break of Tristar Projections, nothing againt Tristar at all, they have some great qualities to them that some of the other companies don’t come close to.  I am particularly not for products like this for one, I know nothing about prospecting and, two what I mentioned before, making cards valuable is starting to corrupt our hobby. 

 I think that the closest any of the companies should come to this are what Upper Deck is doing with their USA baseball team sets, although I dislike the fact that they have the 18 and under team set included.  This would give those collectors that enjoy prospecting a chance to do so, this set includes most of the big named guys not yet in actual MLB products, the big one being Strasburg.  

So if we would just leave it at that, we could still have the people that prospect for fun, they could complete the USA  set, buy up a few more of the big name guy, whatever. 

And Lastly, the card companies use of Photoshop, and reuse of photos, what fun. It is almost a slap in the face to a collector to see something like what Marie of A Cardboard Problem brought to notice with these two Votto cards:

These cards are from two separate years for crying outloud!!  The one is featured on an ’08 UD Timeline rookie card, and the other a 2nd year ’09 series 2 card, they are clearly the same photograph, although it does look like upper deck made an effort to change the color of the jerseys slightly to fool a quick look. Come on card companies, seriously, it is not only upper deck, it is all of them, I would much prefer a lousy photo from 2009 than the same photo used on another card in 2008. 

Wow, I’ve just now noticed that the posts here haven’t been too positive lately, I’ll try to make the next few a little more fun and cheery for everybody.


4 Responses

  1. I don’t have a problem of cards of prospects, in their minor league uniforms, although I don’t have much of an interested in them.

    When they start featuring high school kids, then I have a problem.

    • Yeah, I’m with you on that one, the prospect cards don’t interest me, and the high school kid cards are terrible.

      Ecspecially the older cards that would feature class pictures on the cards,aghhhh!

  2. If you look just a little bit closer, the Jay Bruce photos are different. While he’s in ALMOST the exact same position, his glove is higher on the left and the runner has moved a couple feet. No doubt these pics were taken on the same day, just seconds apart from each other (because both Bruce and the runner have moved a few steps), they’re not the same exact picture.

    Still lazy, though. If we’re supposed to shell out all this money for new cards every year, can’t they shell out some money and give us new photos? Seems like a fair enough request…

    • +1.

      Professional photographers take pictures in bursts because their subjects are constantly moving. It’s clearly not the same picture.

      However, it is pretty bad. You would think Upper Deck would attempt to diversify their collection a bit. Things like that just make them look sloppy.

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