Yankees: Numbers In The 90’s

I am by no means, a Yankees fan, but last night when I was watching the Yankees, Red Sox game on ESPN they mentioned something that really got me thinking. 

They said that the relief pitcher in at the time, Alfredo Aceves, wearing number 91, is only the 2nd player in Yankees history to wear a number in the 90’s since Charlie Keller in 1952.  He sported the number 99.

Although Keller only played two games in 1952 he had a previous ten year span with the Yankees from 1939-1949, in that ten year time period he was a five time all-star, finished in the top 25 in MVP voting 4 times (including finishing at 5th in 1941.) 

He was released by the Yankees in ’49, signed by the Tigers, played two seasons there.  He was then released by the Tigers in ’51, then re-signed with the Yankees, playing with them for that single year, then was released and forced into retirement.

He had a lifetime .268 career batting average, a .410 on base percentage, 189 career homers, 1,085 career hits, and played in 1,170 total games.

He has many baseball cards too, including multiple cards in Upper Deck’s Yankee Stadium Legacy Set.  The most recent vintage card he has is in 1951 bowman.   This card could be yours for $10 bucks, shipped.


Now onto Aceves, he has played two years with the Yankees, he is 4-1 this year with a 2.59 ERA.  He looks as if he is a promising young pitcher with potential.

He has a card in both, Upper Deck and Topps’ flagship brands.

As too why I wrote this post, I really dont know.  I guess I am just highly intruiged by pointless little stats like these.

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