Stephen Strasburg hits Ebay!

As the hype of Stephen Strasburg grew, so did the number and price of his cards on ebay. Just two days after Strasburg was selected number one overall in the MLB draft, there were over 100 of his cards on Ebay. I know his is a little late, but his cards are still going high.

There are curently 4 of his cards over $100 with bids and so many more in that area. So many people are looking to make big money off his cards as you can see here.

Stephen Strasburg’s highest card with bids right now is a 2008 Upper Deck Timeline rookie auto SP.

Meanwhile, Bryce Harper could top Strasburg on ebay in the next couple of years as he already has some high priced cards including his 2008 USA Auto Jersey Rookie #’d to 50.

You can view all of Bryce Harper’s cards on ebay here.

2008 Ud Timeline Auto Strasburg                                                      2008 USA Bryce Harper


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