A few weeks ago King James made the headlines when he reportly got dunked on by a college kid from Xaiver. Nike then confiscated the tape and nobody has seen it. UNTIL NOW! Tmz has the tape and they are going to be releasing it on there website today. Once its released I will post it here. You can watch it when it comes out on TMZ here.



There has been a better, much more clear video realeased of the dunk by , in which you can actually see what is going on. Go over and check out the site and watch the video if you havent already.  Now that we can actually review the infamous dunk, this is an epic FAIL. 

From what it has been hyped up to I was expecting some major dunk that Lebron just got knocked out on, but after watching it a couple of times, I’m questioning whether or not he truly got dunked on.  He had come over to help because whoever was guarding this Mr. Crawford got blown away and Jordan was heading for the rim.  Lebron got there just in time to get a little action of the dunk, I don’t seem to realize how this could technically be called getting dunked.  He wasn’t even in front of him, he was coming at him at an angle.  

Alright, now that you’ve just heard me babble on about the subject, I don’t know how to feel about this whole ordeal. I’ve been raging about some of the things people have been saying about this, blowing out it way outta proportion(including myself after just now breaking down  if this could technically be called getting dunked on.) 

In ways this was a let-down to even people like me.  In my opinion if this is what Nike was hiding all along, they shoulda just released the video in the first place and this wouldnt have even been that bigga deal, but comphenscating the video and going to all that trouble has caused many to even change their opinions about Lebron and the Nike company itself.

Well thats all I got for ya on this subject.


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