Manny and Big Papi, two more names are revealed

The New York Times is reporting that Dodgers outfielder Manny Ramirez and Red Sox DH David Ortiz were on the list of 104 players that tested positive for steroids in 2003. This is huge news because you can now argue that the Red Sox world Championships in 04 and 07 are tainted due to that fact that the two leaders of the team used steroids. This is the second reported time Manny has been caught using illegal substances and the first for Big Papi.

You can also call Ortiz a lier now because earlier in the year Ortiz said that he believed thaqt players that took steroids should be banned for a year and that he would never take steriods. The whole is is just going to come on one at a time and it will take forever. Please, just realease the whole thing, Im getting tired of this. Of couse that isent going to happen because the Players Union would probebly sue. For now we just have to wait a while for another name to come out then wait again.

You can view the detailed list of notable players that used steroids here or look at my little pic that I put together on this post.

list 22                 Athletics Red Sox Baseball


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