Upper Deck Suffers huge blow

As many of you have heard, the major story all around the card blogosphere, Upper Deck has lost exclusive rights to MLB baseball. The New York Times is reporting that Topps has won exclusive rights in a muti-year deal. Upper Deck can still produce cards but they have lost the right to MLB team logos and trademarks. My quick response, I’m not happy.

I’m sure many collectors are happy, but you need to consider that without Upper Deck, there isn’t any competition, and no varietyin products. I really cant imagine going to a hobby shop and just seeing Topps. Sure, Upper Deck didn’t always have the greatest releases(Documentary, UDx etc.), but they still competed with Topps and had there share of good products. Just last month Upper Deck had renewed the licence with the MLB Players Association.

If the once powerhouse Upper Deck wants to stay alive in the hobby, they need to focus on design and not worry about not having rights to team logos. Try more game used relic on-card auto cards with a great design.

Topps can do whatever they want with cards now, and that might not be so good for adult collectors. Topps President Michael D. Eisner said that ““This is redirecting the entire category toward kids.”  Topps has already came out with more kid friendly products like Attax, and Toppstown. Who’s to say they wouldn’t make more. Topps goal is to get rid of the confusion that a kid has when they enter a card shop or store. We will have to wait and see what Topps does with there exclusive rights, but for now we can just wait till Goodwins Champions comes out, and what may be Upper Decks last popular product.


2 Responses

  1. Uh oh. This can’t be good.

    I realize that Topps USED to have exclusive rights, and this is kinda just going back to how things used to be.. except the world is a much different place today. “Exclusive rights” usually means “lazy”, and I hope we don’t see price increases just because they can.

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