What a bad two days

Great.  First yesterday I find out that Upper Deck lost its licence, then today i was reading Wax Heaven and he was talking about how bad ESPN was and that two columnists from ESPN had trashed on collectors and called us nerdy socially weird, and fat. Why gee, thanks for the complements guys. Is it bad luck? Did I walk under a lader or see a black cat or something?

Bill Simmons and Paul Lukas attended the National in Cleveland this year, and had some stuff to say, and some of it made me want to blowup something(not litterally). Bill Simmons provided a 20-page gallary of pics from the National, each of them with a comment under it. While he tried to make it funny, some of his comments were like a punch in the gut. Paul Lukas on the other had, came right out and bashed us though he did point out he found one collector he liked.

He can view Bill Simmons review of the National here, and Paul Lukas’s here.

Oh, and PTI also said that the hobby of collecting is dead. Wonderful, just wonderful.


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