2009 Topps Chrome Error card

I was looking through all the Topps Chrome auctions on ebay and was going to make a post about the popularity of 09 Topps Chrome and the value. Then I came across this error card of Will Venable(RC). The card has a sticker for the autograph of Venable, but there’s one problem, its not autographed! Im pretty sure this is the first reported error card in 2009 Topps Chrome so this is a pretty big deal(well at least I think it is).

If you go to ebay and type in 2009 Topps Chrome Error, you will find about 6 different auctions of error cards all from Will Venable. Topps really messed up on a Venable blue refactor that is missing its card number and autograph and is #’d to 199. This leaves me to wonder what other error cards will be pulled.

Venable Error NNO autograph

Venable Error autograph

4 Responses

  1. My Tommy Hanson Chrome auto does not have a number on the back.

  2. I have a 09′ Topps Chrome of Adam Dunn and the back bio is for Erick Aybar of the Angels.

  3. My apologies. 2010.

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