2009 UDx is here, lacking love

2009 Upper deck x has hit the stores, and its laking respect. For around 35 bucks you can get a hobby box, and for young collectors on a budget,this is a good product. But the reality is that many collectors dont want to waist there money buying a product that has barley changed appearance since last year, and has an X on it. Really, who thought of this. Obviously its not going to go over well with collectors to have a card with an X on it.

This product is not absoutly horrible, as the somewhat flashy design could appeal to kids and collectors. Also a plus is the die-cuts and UDXpotential inserts falling 1 each in every pack. As you can see from the ebay auctions, these cards arent going for much, which means the people the are choosing to collect 09 UDx should be happy. Every hobby box contains one jersey card, and 3 20th anniversary cards.



 Longoria 09 UDx There is some diference but the design is pretty much similar. There is also two more UDXpotential subsets in the set this year as UDXpotential 5 and 6 were added. By the way doesnt Xpotential sound like they dont have any potential? Just thought of that.

Pack Break: 09 O-Pee-Chee Baseball

As I said earlier, I also picked up a pack of O-Pee-Chee at Wally World 🙂 to give you guys some info on it. Also like I said earlier in my 09 Icons break post, Dominic will have a box break of the one and only 2009 Topps Allen & Ginter( or TANG:see two posts down)! O-Pee-Chee isnt as talked about but for those of you thinking about collecting it, I will give you some info.

1 pack of O-Pee-Chee goes for 2 bucks at Wal-mart and a hobby is around 55 smakin bucks depending on where you buy.

There are 6 cards per pack. Heres what I pulled.

Alex Rios

Bengie Molina

Jonathan Papelbon

Conor Jackson Black Parallel

Johan Santana Moments

Jered Weaver

I thought this was a nice pack highlighted with the Conor Jackson Black Parallel and the Johan Santana Moments card. Again nice players but the design could use some work. Overall it was a good pack but I dont think I would want to collect the 600 card set. There will be many more pack breaks in the future to give you some info the the set as well as boxs breaks in the near future.

Meaningless Question

With all the hype of Allen and Ginter, I was wondering what your thoughts on giving the term the abbreviation of TANG?…as the title states it, this is practically meaningless, so if you would like to spend the next minute or so of your life doing something productive such as cataloging plant species, or taking a walk in the park, please do so.

I thought that if some of us refer to it as T A&G, why not make it quicker and just simply state it as TANG?


Just let me know what you think in the comments and vote in the poll.

2009 UD Icons Baseball: worth collecting?

2009 Upper Deck Icons was recently released, and following Allen & Ginter, its not getting much love. For 80 bucks a box you can pull two Letterman patch cards(manufactured, obviously), two memorabilia cards, and one autograph card as well as five #’d inserts and parallels. I’m really not going crazy over the manufactured Letterman patches, although the autographed Letterman patchs might make up for the unsigned celebrity patches.

I do like to see the rookies #’d to 999, and the rookie auto’s #’d up the 600. Also, the idea to place one insert per pack is appealing to some people, as it keeps breaking a box consistent. The auto stickers aren’t as bad as everyone is writing them off to be, but I really think Icons needs to add a better background to the inserts and rookie cards, they can do better than a boring brown background.

Overall I do think Icons does deserve some credit for being released the same month as Allen & Ginter,  but its not stealing any of the spotlight away from Allen & Ginter.

You can find the complete checklist here.

Rick PorcelloAnd what is up with this Rick Porcello error card, really??

Jeremy Piven


Just Minors saying goodbye

Just Minors has announced their last release, Mystery  Jerseys. Mystery Jerseys was one of Just Minors best products, so they look to go out with a bang.

Just Minors has made little changes to Mystery Jerseys with the only adjustment being an updated checklist to the autograph jerseys.


Each box of Mystery Jerseys contains the following:

  • 1 Autographed Jersey

  • 2 Autographed cards

The following is per 6 box’s:

  • 1 Dual or Triple autographed card

  • 1 Glossy 1/1 Autograph card

Also look for game-used jerseys inserted 1 in every 60 box’s, and 1 randomly inserted Mickey Mantle autographed Jersey.

Mystery Jerseys is scheduled to be released July 16th, 2009

Price: $119.95 per box

Second Wave of Releases:2009 Upper Deck Icons

 We have another product preview from an upcoming baseball set soon to be released.


2009 Upper Deck Icons is a high end product and features the following per box: 

  • 5 Serial Numbered Inserts/Parallels

  • 2 Letterman Patch cards

  • 2 Game Used Memorbillia cards

  • 1 Autogragh card

 A box of 2009 Upper Deck Icons has 10 packs per box, with each pack having 6 cards.

2009 Upper Deck Icons is scheduled to be released in July.

Second Wave of Releases:2009 Topps Allen & Ginter

Baseball cards are in full swing with this second hit of releases and we are going to preview some of them for you. We are getting closer to the release of Topps Allen & Ginter. The product is scheduled to hit stores the week of June 29 and like most collectors, I can’t wait.

Each hobby box contains 24 packs and 3 of the following:Autograph, cut signature, rip, relic, printing plate, plus one box loader.

The following were released by Topps:


Allen & Ginter

From the design and look of these cards, I think Topps Allen & Ginter will have another successful year. With all the success last year, more collectors will be try to complete the set, Topps will make more money. A case of Allen & Ginter is about $775 and a hobby box will cost you around $90.