The Future of Upper Deck:2010 Baseball

You have all heard of how Topps got the exclusive rights to MLB Licensed trading cards, now that most of the shock has worn off we’re wondering what is to become of Upper Deck baseball cards next year.  I’ve been researching different options that they could take.  Hopefully this will give you an idea of what might happen with UD baseball cards in 2010.

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This is what I’ve thought up:

1) They might just take the Donruss route and produce unlicensed trading cards without major league logos.  Looking through ebay at listings of 2008 donruss threads, prime cuts, and so on, they have some decent looking cards (trying to go without MLB logos that is.)

Take a look at this Sandberg out of Threads, you can clearly see some of the logos, but i dont know, is it not considered showing if you cannot visibly make out the whole thing? Not Sure.

Or this Lou Gehrig, you can tell that the end of the lettering on the front of his jersey is there, but you cant make it out, and the classic NY Logo on his hat is either not visible from the angle, or it was photoshopped out.


2)They could try to get a license with college baseball and go like a Topps Magic for baseball and picture players in there college uni’s, but that would interfere with the players that came straight outta high school or immediately went to a minor league affiliate.  Plus, the colleges of baseball players aren’t known as well as football players in my opinion.

3) You might have heard A Cardboard Problem suggestion of topless cards. Hey, ya never know.

4) They could come out with a history set ala Topps American Heritage.


5)They could use action shots that flat out dont show the logo, like this 2007 Upper Deck Masterpieces card here:

6)They could come out with a set commemorating Major League Stadiums(once again I dont know if this is violating the whole logo thing or not)

Thats what all I’ve got, if i come up with more ideas, I will post them here. These are some ideas that could very likely show up in your pack of cards next year.

If you have any other ideas I did not mention, by all means tell us what it is in the comments.


Upper Deck Responds to Exclusive Rights!

You can read it for yourself, it made me feel a little better on the whole situation.  You can view what they have to say HERE.

Upper Deck Suffers huge blow

As many of you have heard, the major story all around the card blogosphere, Upper Deck has lost exclusive rights to MLB baseball. The New York Times is reporting that Topps has won exclusive rights in a muti-year deal. Upper Deck can still produce cards but they have lost the right to MLB team logos and trademarks. My quick response, I’m not happy.

I’m sure many collectors are happy, but you need to consider that without Upper Deck, there isn’t any competition, and no varietyin products. I really cant imagine going to a hobby shop and just seeing Topps. Sure, Upper Deck didn’t always have the greatest releases(Documentary, UDx etc.), but they still competed with Topps and had there share of good products. Just last month Upper Deck had renewed the licence with the MLB Players Association.

If the once powerhouse Upper Deck wants to stay alive in the hobby, they need to focus on design and not worry about not having rights to team logos. Try more game used relic on-card auto cards with a great design.

Topps can do whatever they want with cards now, and that might not be so good for adult collectors. Topps President Michael D. Eisner said that ““This is redirecting the entire category toward kids.”  Topps has already came out with more kid friendly products like Attax, and Toppstown. Who’s to say they wouldn’t make more. Topps goal is to get rid of the confusion that a kid has when they enter a card shop or store. We will have to wait and see what Topps does with there exclusive rights, but for now we can just wait till Goodwins Champions comes out, and what may be Upper Decks last popular product.

Manny and Big Papi, two more names are revealed

The New York Times is reporting that Dodgers outfielder Manny Ramirez and Red Sox DH David Ortiz were on the list of 104 players that tested positive for steroids in 2003. This is huge news because you can now argue that the Red Sox world Championships in 04 and 07 are tainted due to that fact that the two leaders of the team used steroids. This is the second reported time Manny has been caught using illegal substances and the first for Big Papi.

You can also call Ortiz a lier now because earlier in the year Ortiz said that he believed thaqt players that took steroids should be banned for a year and that he would never take steriods. The whole is is just going to come on one at a time and it will take forever. Please, just realease the whole thing, Im getting tired of this. Of couse that isent going to happen because the Players Union would probebly sue. For now we just have to wait a while for another name to come out then wait again.

You can view the detailed list of notable players that used steroids here or look at my little pic that I put together on this post.

list 22                 Athletics Red Sox Baseball

Buehrle’s perfect game sparks uproar on Ebay

Mark Buehrle made all the headlines today when he threw a perfect game, only the 18th perfect game ever. Buehrle already had a no-hitter in his career, and a second no-hitter and his first perfect game are now on his resume amazing. His perfect game was kept alive by a ridicouious rob by Dewayne Wise at the wall in the 9th. A huge day in baseball.

With this perfect game, many collectors are hitting ebay to grab Buehrle’s most prized rookie, a 2000 Bowman Chrome rookie. Surprisingly, he doesn’t have many autograph cards even know he is very genoris when it comes to signing. This 2000 Bowman Chrome rookie is actually going for low prices, unless you prefer it BGS 10 graded in mint condition.

You can view all of Mark Buehrle’s cards here.

Mark Buehrle

Congrats to Mark Buehrle!


A few weeks ago King James made the headlines when he reportly got dunked on by a college kid from Xaiver. Nike then confiscated the tape and nobody has seen it. UNTIL NOW! Tmz has the tape and they are going to be releasing it on there website today. Once its released I will post it here. You can watch it when it comes out on TMZ here.



There has been a better, much more clear video realeased of the dunk by , in which you can actually see what is going on. Go over and check out the site and watch the video if you havent already.  Now that we can actually review the infamous dunk, this is an epic FAIL. 

From what it has been hyped up to I was expecting some major dunk that Lebron just got knocked out on, but after watching it a couple of times, I’m questioning whether or not he truly got dunked on.  He had come over to help because whoever was guarding this Mr. Crawford got blown away and Jordan was heading for the rim.  Lebron got there just in time to get a little action of the dunk, I don’t seem to realize how this could technically be called getting dunked.  He wasn’t even in front of him, he was coming at him at an angle.  

Alright, now that you’ve just heard me babble on about the subject, I don’t know how to feel about this whole ordeal. I’ve been raging about some of the things people have been saying about this, blowing out it way outta proportion(including myself after just now breaking down  if this could technically be called getting dunked on.) 

In ways this was a let-down to even people like me.  In my opinion if this is what Nike was hiding all along, they shoulda just released the video in the first place and this wouldnt have even been that bigga deal, but comphenscating the video and going to all that trouble has caused many to even change their opinions about Lebron and the Nike company itself.

Well thats all I got for ya on this subject.


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