Jay Bruce

It’s Dominic. I have officially been collecting Jay Bruce for a couple of months now.  What I have been trying to do is get at least 2 of his cards for sets I collect so I can have one for my set and one for my PC, so with some of the cards you will see a  1/2, or 2/2 next to it.
Jay Bruce Topps Black
Here are the Jay Bruce cards that I own:

5 of 5 2005-Topps Factory Set Exclusive RC

 103 2007-Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects Gold

UD-79-2008 Upper Deck 20th Anniversary Preview

293-2008 Upper Deck Timeline 1/2

85-2009 Upper Deck First Edition

103-2009 Upper Deck

594-2009 Upper Deck

54-2009 Upper Deck Goudey 1/2

CIN1-2009 Topps Team Set

220-2009 Topps Black

1 2009-Topps Allen and Ginter 1/2

There it is, I stand at 11 total cards.

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