Weird Ebay Card of the Day

I was browsing Ebay, and came across this Custom Art card of President Obama. The card features a 1955 Bowman design and the back of the card is blank and features the autograph of the painter.In this design, Obama is wearing and umpire cap modeling after the many umpire cards in 1955 Bowman. If your an avid Obama collector, or you are just a collector, this custom card will be a nice fit to your collection for right around 10 bucks.

So why am I calling it weird, because for one, I’m still wondering why there are this many Obama cards in the hobby. I know hes the first African-American President, but why all the cards.No, I’m not going to get into politics right now. The second reason, this card just looks weird with the umpires cap on. Of course, no disrespect to the painter as they did an excellent job.

Obama Weird card of the Day


What a bad two days

Great.  First yesterday I find out that Upper Deck lost its licence, then today i was reading Wax Heaven and he was talking about how bad ESPN was and that two columnists from ESPN had trashed on collectors and called us nerdy socially weird, and fat. Why gee, thanks for the complements guys. Is it bad luck? Did I walk under a lader or see a black cat or something?

Bill Simmons and Paul Lukas attended the National in Cleveland this year, and had some stuff to say, and some of it made me want to blowup something(not litterally). Bill Simmons provided a 20-page gallary of pics from the National, each of them with a comment under it. While he tried to make it funny, some of his comments were like a punch in the gut. Paul Lukas on the other had, came right out and bashed us though he did point out he found one collector he liked.

He can view Bill Simmons review of the National here, and Paul Lukas’s here.

Oh, and PTI also said that the hobby of collecting is dead. Wonderful, just wonderful.

Upper Deck Responds to Exclusive Rights!

You can read it for yourself, it made me feel a little better on the whole situation.  You can view what they have to say HERE.

2009 UDx is here, lacking love

2009 Upper deck x has hit the stores, and its laking respect. For around 35 bucks you can get a hobby box, and for young collectors on a budget,this is a good product. But the reality is that many collectors dont want to waist there money buying a product that has barley changed appearance since last year, and has an X on it. Really, who thought of this. Obviously its not going to go over well with collectors to have a card with an X on it.

This product is not absoutly horrible, as the somewhat flashy design could appeal to kids and collectors. Also a plus is the die-cuts and UDXpotential inserts falling 1 each in every pack. As you can see from the ebay auctions, these cards arent going for much, which means the people the are choosing to collect 09 UDx should be happy. Every hobby box contains one jersey card, and 3 20th anniversary cards.



 Longoria 09 UDx There is some diference but the design is pretty much similar. There is also two more UDXpotential subsets in the set this year as UDXpotential 5 and 6 were added. By the way doesnt Xpotential sound like they dont have any potential? Just thought of that.

Upper Deck Suffers huge blow

As many of you have heard, the major story all around the card blogosphere, Upper Deck has lost exclusive rights to MLB baseball. The New York Times is reporting that Topps has won exclusive rights in a muti-year deal. Upper Deck can still produce cards but they have lost the right to MLB team logos and trademarks. My quick response, I’m not happy.

I’m sure many collectors are happy, but you need to consider that without Upper Deck, there isn’t any competition, and no varietyin products. I really cant imagine going to a hobby shop and just seeing Topps. Sure, Upper Deck didn’t always have the greatest releases(Documentary, UDx etc.), but they still competed with Topps and had there share of good products. Just last month Upper Deck had renewed the licence with the MLB Players Association.

If the once powerhouse Upper Deck wants to stay alive in the hobby, they need to focus on design and not worry about not having rights to team logos. Try more game used relic on-card auto cards with a great design.

Topps can do whatever they want with cards now, and that might not be so good for adult collectors. Topps President Michael D. Eisner said that ““This is redirecting the entire category toward kids.”  Topps has already came out with more kid friendly products like Attax, and Toppstown. Who’s to say they wouldn’t make more. Topps goal is to get rid of the confusion that a kid has when they enter a card shop or store. We will have to wait and see what Topps does with there exclusive rights, but for now we can just wait till Goodwins Champions comes out, and what may be Upper Decks last popular product.

VOTC Contest!

Rob from Voice of the Collector is having a very special contest! Rob attended the National with his Beckett Sucks! tee-shirt and now everything he picked up is up for grabs in his contest. So dont misss out! Good Luck Everyone!

You can enter VOTC’s contest here

2009 Topps Allen & Ginter Box Break: Part 1

We are excited to be doing our first box break on Will Work For Cards and what a product to start it off with! The most talked about product in the hobby, 2009 Topps Allen & Ginter is going to be our first box break. We will be doing this break in segments, so check back often. Now, lets get to the break.

1 box of Allen & Ginter guarantees 3 hits of any combination of autographed, relic, cut signature, rip card, printing plate. This part is all about the hits that were pulled.

My first hit was a C.C Sabathia jersey relic card. The card design is great, butI am still not to crazy about the border. It does add to the appeal of the card, though so its not horrible. The border also provides a unique design to relics because its unlike most game used memorbilia cards in the hobby.

C.C Sabathia Jersey Card

Hit number 2 was also a relic, but it was a non-baseball relic jersey of U.S Olympic Gold Medalist Glenn Eller, as the back of the card states it a trap shoot champion. Awesome.  And according to topps print run list of the relics this specific card has a print run of 249. You can view that list here. This is a nice non-baseball relic, as it was a gold medalist.

Glenn Eller Jersey Card

My third and final hit was also a relic, featured as a Pirate but as we now know, a Brave. Meh

Nate Mclouth Jersey Card

I’m kinda disappointed that I just got relics, but I say that lightly, because these cards are truly awesome. I think if I heard right, autographs fall at about 1 every other box. Allen & Ginter is a great buy for different hits, and so far its definitely lived up to expectations. Check back often for part 2 of my 2009 Allen & Ginter box break.