2009 Topps Allen & Ginter Box Break: Part 1

We are excited to be doing our first box break on Will Work For Cards and what a product to start it off with! The most talked about product in the hobby, 2009 Topps Allen & Ginter is going to be our first box break. We will be doing this break in segments, so check back often. Now, lets get to the break.

1 box of Allen & Ginter guarantees 3 hits of any combination of autographed, relic, cut signature, rip card, printing plate. This part is all about the hits that were pulled.

My first hit was a C.C Sabathia jersey relic card. The card design is great, butI am still not to crazy about the border. It does add to the appeal of the card, though so its not horrible. The border also provides a unique design to relics because its unlike most game used memorbilia cards in the hobby.

C.C Sabathia Jersey Card

Hit number 2 was also a relic, but it was a non-baseball relic jersey of U.S Olympic Gold Medalist Glenn Eller, as the back of the card states it a trap shoot champion. Awesome.  And according to topps print run list of the relics this specific card has a print run of 249. You can view that list here. This is a nice non-baseball relic, as it was a gold medalist.

Glenn Eller Jersey Card

My third and final hit was also a relic, featured as a Pirate but as we now know, a Brave. Meh

Nate Mclouth Jersey Card

I’m kinda disappointed that I just got relics, but I say that lightly, because these cards are truly awesome. I think if I heard right, autographs fall at about 1 every other box. Allen & Ginter is a great buy for different hits, and so far its definitely lived up to expectations. Check back often for part 2 of my 2009 Allen & Ginter box break.