Im a custom card expert!(kinda)

The past few days I’ve been looking though Bad Wax’s┬ácustom cards and I decided to try to make my own custom card. I knew absolutely nothing about making custom cards but luckily Bad Wax had a post on making custom cards so I used that. I went simple and used the 1979 Topps border that Bad Wax was using as and example and made my own Brandon Phillips custom retro card. ITs not amazingy good but I think i did an ok job for the first time making a custom card. Check it out let let me know what you think.

Brandon Phillips card

I’m gunna try to make more and show you them here.

Weird Ebay Card of the Day

I was browsing Ebay, and came across this Custom Art card of President Obama. The card features a 1955 Bowman design and the back of the card is blank and features the autograph of the painter.In this design, Obama is wearing and umpire cap modeling after the many umpire cards in 1955 Bowman. If your an avid Obama collector, or you are just a collector, this custom card will be a nice fit to your collection for right around 10 bucks.

So why am I calling it weird, because for one, I’m still wondering why there are this many Obama cards in the hobby. I know hes the first African-American President, but why all the cards.No, I’m not going to get into politics right now. The second reason, this card just looks weird with the umpires cap on. Of course, no disrespect to the painter as they did an excellent job.

Obama Weird card of the Day